Dear friends!

I am glad to welcome You on my "Author's photoarchive", which collects photos taken throughout his adult life. By nature I am a traveler, a hobo, and really are happy only there, where you can hear the leaves rustling in the wind, the noise, the river shallows, the roar of the sea. Since childhood, poetry travel attracted and fascinated, and as far as I remember in these years, during the summer holidays, always lost on the river with a fishing rod, in the woods, collecting mushrooms and berries. The joy of communication with nature, a sense of discovery world, present in full. The result I'm not very interested in - fascinated by the process itself. Of course it was great, if you manage to bring home a bunch of minnows, a basket of mushrooms. If not, the school was not. But I brought a bunch of impressions. They are always with me. I still love the look of flowing water, algae, developing on the river with a riffle, in the glare of the sun on the surface of the water. But it's all there, from my childhood!

The first encounter with photography took place after the 7th class day during the summer holidays removed relatives in the country. As a photographer emerged in the 70-ies – 80-ies of the last century, in the era of film photography. A long time preferred black and white photography. Traveled my entire adult life. A student with geologists managed to visit the remote areas of Yakutia, Evenkia, in the Northern Urals. Wanderlust preserved for a lifetime. And now as soon as possible I try to leave a civilization. Often I happen in Мeschera which has grown fond in a youth, by the White sea.

The camera is always with me, and if you can capture the state of nature, I believe that the trip was a success. Those natural rhythms that perceives the person contemplating the landscape, configure it to harmony with the outside world. And I'm happy for those that have seen that managed to capture on pictures!

Welcome in travel!

S. Kurnikov

Highlights of the biography:

Born in 1946 In Moscow.

In 1969 Graduated from MICHM. He worked for three years in the specialty.

In 1972 he started working at the laboratory of scientific-applied photography and cinematography of USSR Academy of Sciences (LAFOKI), where he worked until 1990 in the position of cameraman.

Since 1990 freelance photographer

September 2014 - part in the "MPS" ("Classic Photo Gallery", Moscow)