The Photoarchive

The photoarchive is author's collection of photographs taken by the author in different years during travels across Russia. There are also themes "Moscow", "Temples and monasteries of Russia" on which I worked for many years, and are replenished by now. The bulk of photos taken in pre-digital era, on film, mainly on the slide. It slides medium format: 6x6, 6x7, 6x9, 6x12 cm, and large: 9x12 cm and 4x5 inch.

A small amount of material captured on narrow 35mm film.

Because I am passionate about landscape photography, the bulk of the photos are landscapes. When used medium format camera: "Kiev-60, Hasselblad-500 C/M" and large "45 TOYO-AII" with adapters. All were shot with a tripod.

Since 2006 I started shooting with a digital camera. Since a digital archive is intensively updated. Preference is given to the camera "SONY" with optics Carl Zeiss. This combination allows you to keep in the frame of the natural color saturation and the presence of air, which are so important for the transmission of status and space.

Some photos may be repeated, as they are present in several topics. For example: the waterfalls was filmed at the Putorana plateau, so they can be simultaneously in two themes: "Waterfalls, water, rocks" and "Putorana plateau". The stones were shot on the Putorana plateau and in the White sea, and can be present in three subjects, respectively. All images are high quality and are designed for printing and printing large. Opening the site, You are on the main page in the center window which is a slideshow theme "Portfolio".

The Photoarchive is in its formative stages. The theme of the Photoarchive will be gradually updated, because currently not all photos have been digitized.

Opening any subject Bank, you can switch to the slide show by clicking in the menu bar sector of the slide show.